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Choosing the right single bed mattress isn't only about price. You also have to pay some consideration to the quality of the mattress. Although the single mattress has a standard size of 3ft (90 cm width) X 6ft3 (190cm length), it is also available in many other sizes. Be sure to check the actual dimensions of your bed so that you buy the correct sized mattress. For example, the small single bed matress is sized 2ft X 6ft3 (75 x 190 cm), so slightly narrower in width but the same length as the standard single bed mattress.

The depth of the mattress will also vary. Some bunk beds can support mattresses with a depth of up to 20 cm, the greater the depth, the greater the quality and comfort of the mattress.

Single mattresses also come in a variety of materials and are manufactured in a number of different ways. Some of the more popular mattresses are made with springs or memory foam and sometimes made with both. You will find the more luxurious mattresses to be quilted with some brands having ranges of orthopaedic or even water proof mattresses.